Based in the Court town of Stranraer the firm of McAndrew & Richardson provides both criminal and civil representation.

We are registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board and provide Civil, Criminal and Children’s  Legal Advice & Assistance and Legal Aid.

If you wish to obtain Legal Advice & Assistance then it is very important you bring with you vouching documentation to establish your capital and income position for that requires to be disclosed to the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

It is also very important you understand the obligations of Legal Aid and we recommend you contact the Scottish Legal Aid Board at

If you are due to appear in Court remember “It is never too early to call your Solicitor!“.

"Unless he pleads guilty thereto, every person charged with a criminal offence is presumed to be innocent of the same, and this presumption can be overcome only by evidence relevant to establish his guilt”.
 Slater –v- Lord Advocate 1923