We have considerable experience in offering advice on issues of Matrimonial/Family Law.

The breakdown in any relationship inevitably brings difficulties, both emotional and practical, and as solicitors instructed in such circumstances we are mindful of that and endeavour to provide a sympathetic, yet efficient, service.

In our experience it is important that clients are kept fully informed as to developments with their case and also have easy and quick access to their solicitor.

Where possible, we will endeavour to resolve matters out of Court either through mediation or otherwise, all with a view to having an agreement in place which resolves matters without the need for potentially protracted and expensive litigation.

If litigation is required, then we have the experience to deal with it.

Matrimonial Property “means all the property belonging to the parties at the relevant date which was acquired (otherwise than by way of gift or succession from a third party) by them during the marriage but before that date”.

We offer the benefit of Legal Aid or Advice & Assistance in respect of these matters.